Puerta Cuadrada

Location: Casaespacio
Year: December 14th 2023 - January 14th 2024

Four sides make up this puerta cudrada that opens the way to a fourth place. A fourth place that has always been here and always will be, a place of encounter that is being created in the present moment and is happening now. Kirra Kusy proposes this fourth place as a contemplative center of dreams, of the reality that rests in the subconscious, and that today takes shape in this earthly world. This world that overlooks details that were always there, thousands of stories that are discarded by the same inertia of everyday life. The contemplation of the spaces we inhabit in our daily lives, the strength contained in the elements that compose them, their histories, the passage of time, the deterioration, are fundamental pieces in Kirra’s work, giving rise to the creation and construction of this world of dreams that is the fourth place. Questioning the research of the diplomats Mark Childs and Iryna Kuksa who take up the ideas of the urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, (the first place being the home, the second place being work, and the third place being a center of social connection) they constitute social networks as a third contemporary place and virtual worlds as the fourth place. The proposal is to leave the places that want to be conventional and to get in contact with others that have been created through imagination. Tools that smell of home. A dream that proposes multiple landscapes. The nature preserves the smells that once made us feel there.

Curated by Casaespacio

I am a boulders cohesion 

the bodiless 

the transition

I am 2 nodes

drumming the magnets desire 

inside this and inside that 

I require intention

remember me when you wake

how you engaged with the boundary

and its porous edges 

this anti-structure

suspend disbelief 

or rather engage with belief 

I am building a ladder and that is what’s important to me 

if I climb it and it breaks have I failed?