Insect Collector

Location: Homesession, Barcelona
Year: November 2022

Insect Collector is a multi-media installation using a sculpture constructed of pre-owned furniture, fabric, birdcage, resin, fiberglass, rope, and thread combined with a sediment mixture (part concrete, part soil).

Insect Collector is the beginning of a series of found object studies that look into the cross sections of the natural and the pedestrian. It excavates the creativity of femininity that exists through necessity. Women are creative by nature. Sewing is a creative act and a necessary one. Cooking is a creative act and a necessary one. Survival in the past has often depended on women being able to use their surroundings and what they have available to their benefit. Especially during eras when they were relegated to their homes. In some sense, I am continuing this tradition but in a new way, on autonomous terms, and as an ode to the overarching mother that watches over us all. Nature. I take these artifacts and reimagine them in manners that are as peculiar and absurd as the constructs during which they were invented. My aim is to extend and investigate the qualities of these materials. In turn, the residue of this project points to ideas of home, displacement, and a scattered identity.

It felt somehow like 

Scraping the side of my hand 

On a smooth pebble beach

The water turned orange 

The sky green

To a damp checkered blanket 

Desoiled and adhesive

Angled by a hillside

In the new home no roots will be blocked 

No stone unturned 

No element unfit

4 fingers draw thick ovals that connect to the ground and sky

I've been saving 

Every scrap of yellow 

Every gauze unused

Every stain on cloth 

And I want to place it fluidly

In every crevice 

Of the rooms ill share 

With women who stand in mud 

Pressing between soul and toe

To stand firm 

Rather than profound 

Table to mouth

Arching a long spine

If my hands are soft enough, nimble pull-through

To the other

Both arms reach and draw a curvature 

No rock is too heavy

For my home 

I don't believe in a life that's not layered with love

That came before me