Kirra Kusy, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Colorado, USA, and currently based in Barcelona, delves into the realms of encounters and accumulation, exploring themes of home, displacement, and decomposition.
Her artistic practice revolves around the transformative power of found objects and secondhand textiles, imbued with their own histories, which she revitalizes through processes of mending, gathering, repurposing, and detachment from their original context. Through installations and sculptural pieces, Kirra gives formal expression to her artistic vision while considering the specific environment in which her works are situated. In her investigations of found objects, she unveils the interplay between the natural and the mundane, delving into the creative essence of femininity born out of necessity.
Discarded organic materials find a place in her art, carrying the traces of time and location, as her work explores and stretches the boundaries of these materials, extending the realm of the body's investigation into their inherent qualities.

Kirra Kusy is now living and working in Barcelona, Spain. She was born in Steamboat Springs Colorado, U.S.A, in 2001. In 2020 she completed an Associates of Arts degree from Colorado Mountain College. She was a member of the Elevation Dance Studio company team for 9 years, until 2019. From 2019 to 2020 she taught dance classes at EDS. She has completed her third and final year studying at Metáfora Contemporary Art School and is the co-director and founder of the artistic community and exhibition space 200CENT located in L’Eixample, Barcelona.

She was most recently awareded the Embarrat 2024 Premio for her installation “L’Escala” and will have a solo-exhibition with IEILeida at La Gótika in May 2025. In December 2023 she held her solo-show “Puerta Cuadrada” at CasaEspacio en El Raval, Barcelona. Related to her graduation from Metáfora Studio Arts,  she presented her thesis research at MACBA, and showed a conclusion of that work at Joan Prats Warehouse in June 2023. Her artwork was shown in the group show “House on Fire” in FOC, Zona Franca, Barcelona. In March of 2023, she took part in “Fragility” a group show curated by MIA Art Collection at the Canadian University in Dubai, UAE. Other shows include “Contemporary Voices 2022” at Plataforma^2 in Barcelona, “A Bunch of Things Connected” a two-person show in HOMESESSION curated by Laura Llaneli, and “The Downward Spiral” a site-specific exhibition curated by Marc Larré. Other group shows include “The Crown” and “Moments” curated by Piotr Perski held at MUTUO gallery. 

If you are a creative of any sort please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to collaborate and share ideas.  Love, Kirra